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HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases. Our team of scientists translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy-to-understand answers, providing risk assessments that can be used to make real-world decisions.


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We're always excited to be mentioned alongside some great companies, all focused on the awareness of #hazards and the need for investment in #resilience.

Our goal is to deliver the most accurate and cost-effective tools available.

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Icicles may look cool but can be a leading sign of an #icedam - which is definitely not cool. Nobody likes backed-up water gushing through the ceilings and walls.

Check YOUR ice dam #risk for free at

#perils #proptech

This area does NOT have a high degree of geologic sinkhole risk, yet has had its 2nd reported #sinkhole. We have the first location in our sinkhole database and rate this area a "C" for sinkhole formation.

#hazardhubknows #perils #data

One of things we don't build into our models is the sudden and unexpected failure of the electrical grid. A little cold weather should not have caused the resulting billions in #claims.

This area IS at high risk for #mold formation. So remediate well!

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