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Air. Fire. Earth. Water. Man-made. Property Characteristics.

Learn an incredible amount about any property in an instant.

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We believe that everyone should know the risks around their property.

HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases. Our team of scientists translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy-to-understand answers, providing risk assessments that can be used to make real-world decisions.


Wildfire isn’t just a problem for Western states. The important part is to know your risk.

Find your #risk for free at home

What would you do with 800 property data points for a buck?

HazardHub provides comprehensive property risk data for every location in the US, delivering more than 600 property-specific data elements with a single API.

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We are very pleased to announce our latest partnership with Innoveo!

HazardHub is fast becoming the engine that drives innovation in property insurance market. We're thrilled to add Innoveo to team HazardHub!

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Here are some great tips on preventing ice dams!

HazardHub is the only company that provides a model of #icedam risk for any location in the USA.

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Looking forward to hearing about your experience collaborating in the the Lab and seeing your solutions ten weeks on 🙌

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