"We believe that EVERYONE should know the risks around their property so they can better prepare for the risks that are present"


Bob Frady

CEO of HazardHub

Bob Frady – decided to start HazardHub when a friend’s home unexpectedly flooded. “They were not in a flood zone but were right next to one. It was easy to see if you had the right tools. With HazardHub, we want to make those tools available to every single homeowner in the United States. While we can’t prevent disasters from happening, we can give you a leg up in preparation.

Bob is an expert audience builder and sharpened his teeth at leading edge brands like Live Nation, Expedia and Zeeto Media. Bob also oversees our flagship consumer site, www.freehomerisk.com.

Brady Foust

Chief Science Officer of HazardHub

Brady Foust – Chief Science Officer of HazardHub - is a professional geographer with over 40 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems. He specializes in the creation of large geospatial databases and the modeling of natural hazard risk. He holds a PhD in geography from the University of Tennessee and taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for 39 years. Brady adds “I really enjoy building new and cutting edge geospatial databases. HazardHub is determined to put our stamp on the risk world by building incredible and accessible geospatial risk databases.”

Brady has been a founding partner of Matrix Research, Proxix Solutions, LeadValu and HazardHub. He created hazard databases for three of the four.

John Siegman

CRO & Founder

John has 30 years of experience playing with good and bad data. John’s career has focused on making better data and making better, more profitable, decisions with better data. John started at San Diego Gas & Electric as a market researcher and modeler, then moved onto Equifax National Decision Systems to focus on geodemographic and geofirmographic data and models. Fifteen plus years were spent in the geospatial realm – with an emphasis on spatial risk and taxation data - covering utilities, insurance, government and gas & oil for Pitney Bowes and CoreLogic. John holds a MBA from San Diego State University in Marketing & International Business and a Bachelor’s in Marketing & Transportation from the University of Maryland.