May 16, 2018 | IN Blog

Data Provider of the Year!

When we set out to build HazardHub, we had three main goals in mind.

The first goal was to develop the best, most comprehensive property risk data available. Check!

The second was to make our data really easy to work with by making it visible. It’s why we have tools like Distance to CoastDistance to Fire Station and Distance to the Nearest Fire Hydrantall available on our website. Unlike other providers of hazard data, we don’t hide – we put it out there for the world to see. It’s also why we let people try our API for free – we want users to love our data before ever committing to it.

The third – and most important – is that we want HazardHub to be a really easy company to work with. As John Siegman (one of our co-founders) likes to say, “We’re the fun and friendly guys of hazard data.”

Every once in a while it all comes together and someone recognizes what we’re building here at HazardHub. Earlier today, we were named “Best New Provider of Data” by Fenris Digital, a provider of data-driven insight for insurance carriers. We’re super-stoked to be chosen!

As always, we’re here to help. Let us know how we can put the power of HazardHub to work for you!