July 10, 2018 | IN Blog

HazardHub Releases Massive Data Update

We’ve been pretty quiet over the last month or so with our communications. It turns out that we’ve been heads-down and building out both improved and new datasets for your data enjoyment!

We’ve got a massive amount of new data under review by our data sciences team. In order to get you the best and freshest data possible, we’re breaking things up to not one but TWO data releases in July. We just went live with the first update today – here’s what it contains.

     * Hydrant locations – We are now just over 8 million hydrant locations across the US, with a focus on the most populated states. Check and see if your address is covered at https://hazardhub.com/fire_hydrant/

     * Fire Station Locations – Our most recent update contains over 100 additions, closes and moves of fire station locations. We track this data every single day and make updates every other month. Check for your nearest Fire Station at https://hazardhub.com/firestation/ 

     * Drought Layer – We’ve added the most recent Drought data to our API. 

     * NEW – Mudslide Risk  – We’ve added a brand new data element called Mudslide Risk. You’ll see these areas downhill of areas that have recently suffered from Wildfires.

We’re working on adding even more granularity to our wildfire model…but more about that in Part 2 of our data release later this month!

All of these data elements are live and immediately available via the HazardHub API. If you’re not on the API, click https://hazardhub.com/api/ to find out how.

As always, thanks for your support. If there’s anything we can do to help make your program better, just let us know.