August 04, 2020 | IN Blog

HazardHub Releases New Enhanced Hurricane Database and New “Weather Rings” Data

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released not one but TWO cool new improvements to our risk databases.

The first is our new Enhanced Hurricane Model, which provides a MUCH richer dataset than our existing hurricane model. For customers with AI or data-driven underwriting processes, you can use our score or create your own. It’s an incredible leap forward in creating a property-level view of hurricane risk.

Here’s how it looks (in the API) for Hampton, VA –

The second improvement we’ve made to our dataset we like to call “Weather Rings.” For our Enhanced Hail, Tornado, and Wind databases we’ve added 1-5 mile rings around the point you enter into the API. Here’s how it looks for this same Hampton Roads location.


We’ve also made several updates to our existing databases, including –


  • Fire Stations
  • Wind, Hail, Tornado, and Lightning events
  • Wildfire Perimeters
  • Wildfire Satellite Data
  • Drought Data
  • Updated known Sinkhole points (33 states)

All of these data elements are live in the API. We’ve also updated our data dictionary to reflect the new data elements. It’s available in the API portal under “API Docs.” Just look for “Download Data Dictionary” in the upper right-hand corner. If you’re not an API customer and would like to learn more about HazardHub’s incredible data, contact us today!