September 25, 2018 | IN Blog

Insuretech Hartford Pitch Night

Last week we traveled to beautiful Hartford, CT (where the Connecticut River was REALLY high) for a series of meetings, including participating in the Insuretech Hartford Pitch event. We were one of nine startups, presenting to a large and engaged crowd from insurance companies all around the Hartford area.

Frankly, it was a LONG day in Hartford. It seemed like the entire day was one long “here’s who HazardHub is” presentation. It’s great but it’s tiring. So when pitch time rolled around, Bob poured that entire day into 5 sizzling minutes of pitch magic (at least, that’s how he described it.) You can judge for yourself, as the pitch was captured in a video!


Once the pitch was done, we thought “that was fun! Let’s mingle, watch a few pitches and grab a bite to eat.” So imagine our surprise when they announced the first winner for “Highest Potential.”

A couple of minutes later, here came the second award for “Best Problem/Solution Fit.”


A few minutes later, the grand prize. HazardHub was voted “All Around Favorite.” Which is a pretty cool award!



While winning these votes was certainly very cool, it’s only because they point out one really important fact – the industry is starving for this sort of data and believes that HazardHub has the potential to deliver far better answers than are currently available in the market. If YOU want great data, just let us know!