September 11, 2018 | IN Blog

Now THIS is Some Awesome Flood data!

At HazardHub, we’re always working on ways to provide better, cooler, more meaningful data to our clients. It’s just how we roll.

Flood is a hot topic for insurers right now. Between new entrants trying to write private flood policies to current carriers trying to get a feel for their commercial flood risk, we’ve seen an enormous uptick in interest for accurate, actionable and affordable flood data.

One of the problems with FEMA flood data is that it’s not organized as well as it could be. It’s messy, it’s cryptic, and the data is located in a number of different data repositories – flood map data elements are in a number of different places, participating communities are in another and FIRM map metadata is in yet another location. What happens is a community doesn’t have a map or if you simply want a second look at flood that does not consider FEMA’s flood zones? What about ocean water?

At HazardHub, we give you three looks at water that may come racing into your property from the outside. You know, the kind of water damage NOT traditionally covered by a personal lines insurance policy.

FEMA Flood – FEMA data, all in one place. See the details of the flood map, along with the FIRM dates. NEW – We’ve just added FEMA CRS (Community Rating Service) data that shows whether your community participates, what “level” they’re at and any discounts available for NFIP policies.

HazardHub Flood – What would happen in FEMA didn’t exist? What do nature and science have to say about water, regardless of pre-defined FEMA boundaries? Our HazardHub flood model considers distance, elevation, and water type to give you an unbiased look at flood risk.

HazardHub SurgeMax – Sometimes the water danger does not come from the land but instead from the ocean. Our SurgeMax score provides the highest detail of storm surge risk ever available!

Here’s how the data looks when returned through the HazardHub API – this location highlights the CRM data.

If you want to put the BEST flood tools available to work for you, contact us today!