June 30, 2020 | IN News

HazardHub Celebrates July 1 – National Hazard Awareness Day

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 1st is National Hazard Awareness Day.  The purpose of this day is to understand the hazards that are around your property and properly take the steps to mitigate them.  As we all know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

John Siegman, CCA of HazardHub, says “For too long people have been kept in the dark about the perils that can impact their property – both for consumers and for business owners. HazardHub is dedicated to making sure that everyone knows the risk to their property so they may take the steps necessary to protect their property. Rebuilding from a peril is awful – you lose far too many belongings and memories. By knowing more about the risk to your property, you might be able to save some of those precious belongings.”

To celebrate National Hazard Awareness Day, HazardHub is encouraging everyone to better understand the risks around their property by running a Free Home Risk report at www.freehomerisk.com.  You’ll receive get a simple to understand report card of the risks associated with your property, like this!


While consumers and business owners benefit the most from www.freehomerisk.com, HazardHub knows that insurers play a critical role in balancing affordability with risk. We feel it’s important that insurers be able to help their customers better understand their risks, but also to understand the risk of your insured portfolio. HazardHub feels so strongly in supporting National Hazard Awareness Day that we are offering a free analysis to any P&C insurer of up to 10,000 records.  We know that other peril data companies will charge you thousands of dollars just to look at their data. At HazardHub, we think that’s stupid. Simply contact HazardHub at support@hazardhub.com and mention National Hazard Awareness Day for your free analysis.   Here’s a portion (the actual report is SIX pages long!)  of the summary report you’ll get!

Every property in the US is subject to some natural and man-made risks.  HazardHub feels it’s better to know than not know and it’s why we fully support National Hazard Awareness Day.