September 22, 2019 | IN Information

HazardHub Launches Desktop AgentRiskViewTM Product at Agency Connect InsureTech Event

SAN DIEGO CA – HazardHub, the nation’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data, is excited to announce the release of the first of its kind SaaS risk delivery product for agents, underwriters and anyone else interested in fast, accurate hazard risk and property data.

John Siegman, CCA of HazardHub says, “We get more than 1,000 visitors to our website every day, looking up data one record at a time for our Distance To Fire Station, Distance to Hydrant, Distance to Shore, Elevation and Flood tools. We saw that many of these users were insurance agents, CSRs and underwriters. These same users were clamoring for an easy to use subscription product that would deliver all of the data they wanted for an address. To meet the demand, we developed AgentRiskViewTM.”

AgentRiskViewTM provides fast and easy access to HazardHub’s incredible collection of powerful data tools, all by simply entering an insured’s address. AgentRiskViewTM will instantly deliver both a high-resolution image of the property and the data agents need to populate their insurance applications. No more spending time searching for Fire Stations and Fire Hydrants or wondering exactly how far from the coast property is located. AgentRiskViewTM delivers all this and more in seconds. AgentRiskViewTM also provides a host of agent personalization tools, including the agent’s picture and contact data.

AgentRiskViewTM – Basic provides property location, elevation, AAIS fire protection code, nearest two fire stations with station type, drive distance and drive time, nearest hydrant, nearest perennial water, FEMA flood zone, HazardHub Flood model and the HazardHub SurgeMax model. AgentRiskViewTM – Advanced adds many of the HazardHub risk elements including HazardHub’s Wildfire Model, Enhanced Wind, Hail, Tornado, and Lightning Scores, as well as an ever-expanding number of HazardHub driven perils. Future versions will include all this plus property characteristics, property value, and a host of soon-to-be-announced features.

Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub adds, “For too long, the insured has been blind to the perils surrounding their property, mostly due to the exorbitant cost of getting this data into the agent’s hands. We’re very excited to introduce AgentRiskViewTM to agents, brokers, or anyone else who wants to help their insureds manage risk. We believe that agents will continue to play a critical role in the selling of insurance. AgentRiskViewTM will provide agents with a powerful tool to help their insureds understand the risk around their property, turning the agent into a trusted and valuable risk mitigation resource.”

AgentRiskViewTM– Basic is available immediately at AgentRiskViewTM – Advanced will be available beginning in October. Go ahead and sign up today!