April 09, 2018 | IN Press Releases

HazardHub Releases FloodStemsTM flood components – allowing users to build their own custom flood models

SAN DIEGO, CA – HazardHub, the nation’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data, has announced the release of FloodStemsTM. For the first time, catastrophe modelers can build their very own flood models via the use of the individual components used to build other, pre-existing flood models. No longer do flood modelers need to rely on pre-canned answers – they can now build their own.

The data from FloodStemsTM is derived from a series of different data components, all delivered in a single call via the HazardHub API. The data elements include –

FEMA Flood Zone Data – (25 Components)
FEMA FIRM Data – (7 Components)
HazardHub Flood Data – (12 Components)
HazardHub SurgeMax – (1 Component)
HazardHub Distance to Coast – (2 Components)
Precipitation Data – (11 Components)
Property Elevation – (1 Component)

Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub, states, “With Flood Stems we took our inspiration from the music industry, where artists will release “stems” of individual instruments or parts of a song. We thought the same approach should be applied to flood models, which often suffer from being pre-canned answers that can’t be customized to an individual company’s risk tolerance – usually because the data needed to build a custom flood model is scattered across multiple locations. With FloodStemsTM there are 59 individual stems in the collection. For the first time ever, HazardHub will expose those components to flood modelers who want to build their own, custom scores. It’s a radical and inventive approach to flood model development and one we hope our users enjoy.”

Brady Foust, Chief Science Officer of HazardHub adds, “While we provide FEMA Flood Zones, HazardHub Flood Grades and HazardHub SurgeMax Grades as part of our standard offering, some of our more cutting edge customers wanted deeper insight into what makes a property subjected to flood risk. So rather than force those modelers to accept a pre-canned answer, we’ve decided to let them create their own. While we love our scores, we also know that there’s an inventiveness in the flood market that we wanted to serve. That product is FloodStemsTM.”

FloodStemsTM are available immediately via the HazardHub API.

To learn more about FloodStemsTM visit www.hazardhub.com or reach us directly at support@hazardhub.com.